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A unique youth group of string players, offering creative opportunities in musical performance and professional development for all ages. “We believe that all students, at whatever age, have the ability to coach themselves. Through workshops with other students where under supervision they can verbalise their own thoughts on performances of others in a channelled and positive way, they can be trained to really listen to themselves and effect change. These skills in turn empower future generations of musicians and teachers.” (Fiona McLean 2005)

New compositions and concerto performancs by members of the ensemble are always regular features of our public performances. The lack of a conductor and memorisation of a large amount of our repertoire allows students to develop their sense of communication skills and rapport, focusing awareness of each other in performance. The self-perpetuated success of the ensemble has undoubtedly, started to steer more young people towards pursuing music as a career. Our performers are trendy, fun and are proud of the classical music they are playing, and are extremely keep to try out new things; experiment and set themselves challenges.

Supported using public funding by Department for Education and Arts Council England