North Devon Music Centre

Park Community School , Park Lane, Barnstaple, EX32 9AX
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Tel: 07538 827255

The North Devon Music Centre is a non profit organisation that helps young (and young at heart) people who are learning to play an instrument to enjoy making music together through ensemble playing. Learning to play together not only requires new skills to those learnt as a solo player, but also provides the opportunity to make new friends, experience music in a whole new way and helps in becoming a better all-round musician. We meet weekly through school term time and hold regular concerts where we showcase to family, friends and other music lovers. We are made up of 7 different groups of players, led by experienced musicians, catering for all levels, all ages and all types of instruments!

Next Steps Orchestra has been set up primarily for children starting out on an instrument who are ready to take the next step - playing that instrument alongside others. It is a fun hour, where every member feels valued, whatever their experience.Come and boost your confidence, playing alongside other friendly musicians and have great experiences playing concerts at some inspirational settings. We welcome any aged children, on any instrument, who have a basic knowledge and can play at least three notes. If you fancy finding out what we're all about, you would be made to feel very welcome. Why not come along and give it a go? Instruments: Any. Standard: Suitable for complete beginners. Led by: Lynne Unsworth & Suzanne Hynes

Junior String Orchestra is open to anyone of any age and ability; from complete beginners who've only had a handful of lessons, up to approximately grade 4 standard. We play a variety of different styles of music and are always happy to take requests! Junior Strings is about learning to play music together, in a relaxed and fun environment. Instruments: Violin, viola, cello & double bass Standard: Suitable for complete beginners through to grade 4/5 Led by: Lara Gillies

Flute Choir All flautists welcome from Grade 1 to Grade 8+. We play a wide variety of music, including film and show tunes and current repertoire includes Mozart, Scott Joplin and an experimental piece for headjoints only! Some pieces have alto, bass and piccolo parts and alto and bass flutes are available at the centre to have a go at. New members are always welcome so why not come along and enjoy meeting other flautists whilst learning new music to perform at our concerts? Instruments: Flutes Standard: Grade 1 upwards Led by: Catherine Nicholls

Clarinet Choir We welcome any level of clarinetist from grades 1 to 8+ as the parts are specially arranged to suit everyone's ability. We have lots of fun rehearsing with everyone helping each other. It also enables the younger students to be able to hear and play with the older more experienced students. The clarinet choir repertoire covers a wide range of specially arranged music. Recent performances include Mission Impossible, Mozart Minuet, Film music such as Toy story, Theme from Jungle book and Spanish Dances. There is also an excellent opportunity to play the large Bass and Contra Bass clarinets provided by the Music Centre Instruments: Clarinets Standard: Grade 1 upwards Led by: Carol Dewis

Brass Ensemble plays a wide range of music which is all specially arranged for the group. Television themes and film music features highly alongside more traditional music suited to the brass sound. All parts are tailored to the players abilities, so whether you are just starting out or are an experienced player, everyone contributes towards a great performance! Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone, Tenor Horn, Tuba, Saxophone Standard: All standards welcome! Led by: Paul Moulton (Centre Manager)

Senior String Orchestra welcome violin, viola, cello and double bass players. We aim to make the rehearsals fun alongside building on orchestral techniques and etiquette. Our music includes classics, film, and new works, all tailored to the group with parts written especially when needed. Players are invited to join who are working towards grade 4 and upwards to grade 8+. Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass Standard: Grade 4+ Led by: Jenny Spencer-Wortley

Wind Band provides an enjoyable challenge to all Wind, Brass and Percussion players of grades 1 to 8+ standard (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba and Percussion). We play a varied selection of specially arranged music from classical arrangements to film favourites, with everything in between. Recent performances include Uptown Funk, The final countdown, Counting Stars Sousa Confusa and Star Wars selection.  Instruments: Woodwind, brass and percussion Standard: Grade 1 upwards Led by: Carol Dewis

Supported using public funding by Department for Education and Arts Council England